Results: 2010 Swim for Love

The Saratoga Triathlon Club’s Swim for Love is a fundraiser swim intended to raise money for Love 146, a global organization with local roots that is working toward the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation through prevention and aftercare solutions while contributing to a growing abolition movement. Events include a .25 mile swim, .5 mile swim and 1 mile swim. For information about the races, please e-mail

[tab:2010 Results]

.25 Mile Results

PlaceBibM/FOverall TimeNameRun1BikeRun2
123M52:14Mike Wynn13:5623:5014:28
212M56:15John Noonan14:3226:2715:16
35M56:29William Henke14:5625:5815:35
49M1:00:55Steven Muller16:1428:0516:36
51F1:03:03Starlett Cook16:2129:4716:55
618M1:03:40Tim Russell16:3229:4617:22
720M1:04:03Loren Swears16:5428:4518:24
829M1:07:06Philip Borgese17:3430:5918:33
928M1:08:12Anthony Bailey17:5732:2417:51
108M1:08:45Rick Morse18:0632:4217:57
1114M1:10:47Pat Piscitelli18:1033:3918:58
1225M1:13:50Matthew Kugler16:0740:3417:09
1324F1:15:18Karen Yoon18:0439:0818:10
1411F1:15:32Theresa Newton20:2234:1120:59
15ZombieF1:16:08Sarah Peters20:2134:2221:25
166F1:16:21Jessica Horan18:0838:4919:24
1719F1:18:41Kim Scott20:1138:4319:47
187M1:20:11Stephen Mitchell21:2236:3722:06
1913F1:20:12Mickey Piscitelli22:0835:5722:07
203F1:24:32Sandy Graves20:0843:3820:46
2127F1:24:59Karen Strobe23:2136:5324:45
2226F1:28:47Chris Balkwell21:3345:4321:31
2310F1:29:05Christina Nash23:1039:5725:48
244F1:33:45Jill Guarino24:5043:2825:27
2521FDNFKaren Swift22:0034:33-

.50 Mile Results

PlaceNameRace #Time
1Jeffrey Singer125:48:00
2Dennie Swan Scott195:52:08
3Joe Reardon365:52:52
4David Dammerman175:53:27
5John MacDonald206:02:78
6Willy Grimmke186:05:81
7Rich Starace236:33:02
8John Hussey376:33:68
9Karen Byer306:38:02
10Melissa Woods316:54:90
11Tim Russell247:07:84
12Deborah Roberts137:44:84
13Robert Singer117:45:62
14Julie Hanson328:03:58
15Michael Jordan278:28:90
16Frank Scalzo19:08:74
17Carl Regenauer229:12:24
18Barbara Jordan2610:27:62
19Janine Shuchin1411:01:74
20Ryne Cornacchia211:25:62

1 Mile Results

PlaceNameRace #Time
1John MacDonald2012:44:99
2Joe Reardon3612:49:74
3Dennie Swan Scott1912:49:74
4Willy Grimmke1813:39:65
5Karen Byer3013:40:14
6Rich Starace2313:57:37
7Melissa Woods3114:39:99
8Kayla Angier1014:52:11
9Tim Russell2415:28:18
10Michael Jordan2718:14:37
11Carl Regenauer2218:38:34
12Tim Bantham720:13:90
13Lisa Valentine2921:14:43
14Rebecca Whitbeck1621:15:11
15Barbara Jordan2622:42:84
16Joani Barsky3923:32:21
17Laura Rappaport1526:28:18

[tab:Event Overview]

Distances:2 mile trail run, 10 mile road bike, 2 mile trail run
Start time:Clinic: 7:30a
Race: 8 a.m.
Start Location:Wilton Mall, meet in the parking lot outside the new Bow Tie Cinema between BJs and Bonton. Listen for the music….
Field Size:50
Awards:Awards for all athletes finishing before the Zombie.
Fees:$35 in advance. $40 day of.
PoliciesYou must be a member of USA Triathlon to participate. You can buy a one-day license for $12 or become an annual member when you register. Those under 18 can buy an annual membership for $12.
Directions:3065 Route 50
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


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