Providing chip timing and event consulting for all types of endurance events.

Event Timing

Green Leaf Racing is proud to be able to offer both the MyLaps and ChronoTrack timing options for endurance events. This allows us the versatility to time and accurately score virtually any event while accounting for terrain, conditions, sponsor concerns, and organizers’ wishes. We can do triathlon chips, the popular disposable “D” tag and the latest technology — the “B” tag which is built into the bib number.

Our portable ChronoTrack mini systems give us the ability to time and score off road, trail running or mountain-biking events as well, including the ability for split times out on the trail. We offer these services at some of the most competitive rates in the country.

In addition, the fact that we partner with Super Race Systems — one of the premier timing companies in the nation and the first company to use both ChampionChip and ChronoTrack in the US — means that we can bring more than 30 years of unmatched experience and expertise to your event.

We can also time an event using good old pull-tag tech and other methods (including iPad/iPhone apps) depending on the needs of the event. Not every event “needs” chip timing and we will not push that service if it is not necessary. We will be happy to work with you to help determine the best option for your event based on size, needs, wants, and budget.

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